Alwyns can help take your business to the next level

All businesses need to develop and grow – but how fast; in what direction; and how will expansion be funded?   From starting up a new business through to merger and acquisition – Alwyns can give answers, support and assistance and manage Cash Flow. In many ways we can act as your virtual Financial Director – with the obvious benefit of not having to directly employ an individual.

Business Start-up

Do you operate as a sole proprietor, partnership or Limited company?  Alwyns can take you through all the options and advise upon the best route, including registering the new concern with the appropriate authorities and deal with the Inland Revenue, VAT and PAYE.

Acquisitions and Disposals

Alwyns can identify, screen and value potential targets for Mergers & Acquisitions and prepare a suitable negotiating strategy.

Likewise, it it’s decided to improve profitability via a disposal we can groom and value the assets for sale, find suitable purchasers, negotiate the sale, and finally review the sale agreement for tax implications.


There are times when a business needs organisational amendments for a variety of reasons. In these situations Alwyns prepares a specific report to outline the amendments for management and other interested parties.


One of the most common causes of business failure is badly structured or inadequate financing. All businesses, new or established, small or large need the necessary finance to achieve its objectives.

Alwyns can help you:


A business can be profitable but still encounter cash flow issues, it is therefore important that you remain focused on managing cash flow at all times.

This is also imperative when applying for a business loan or refinancing your existing business finances as you may be required to prepare both profit and loss budget and cash flow forecast.

A cash flow forecast helps predict upcoming cash surpluses or shortages. It can also help in tax preparation, planning new equipment purchases or identifying if you need to secure a small business loan.

It can prepare you for how you will react if your business hits tough times or does better than expected. Prior warning allows you to work out solutions to anticipated temporary cash shortfalls or arrange short-term investments for temporary cash flow surpluses.

Cash flow analysis statements are generally separated into three parts: Operating, investment, and financing activities.

Business Funding

Businesses need funding at all stages of their development. Whether you are a start up business, looking for growth or expansion, or wishing to consolidate, Alwyns can advise and assist you.

Our experience, as a leading firm of Chartered Accountants for Essex and the surrounding areas, will be at your disposal to protect your interests.

Alwyns expertise enables us to investigate on your behalf what finance exists, the types of deals available, at what rates and with what arrangement fees and security.

We keep abreast of the banking and finance industry for the benefit of your business.

Alwyns expertise includes advice on the viability of:

We can assist in presenting your proposals to your chosen sources of finance.

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